About Us


Our vision is to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in the students who have the talent and zeal to pursue their dreams, and help them through the process.

The Incubation Centre aims to promote and support student entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform to transform their ideas into fruition. By providing guidance, mentorship, marketing, legal and funding solutions, the Incubation Centre intends to build a vibrant startup ecosystem, and establish a link between academia, financial institutions, and industries.

The Incubation Centre shall be the first of its kind in the University of Delhi’s south campus and, as such, the effects it shall have will be tremendous. An increase in student entrepreneurship will not only increase rewards for the stakeholders, it shall also expand employment avenues for other students.


The Centre will help the students by bringing a more materialistic entrepreneurial culture, academic and career advancement opportunities, and resources for personal development through academic research, startup incubation, and skill development.